Thursday, November 30, 2017


In 2011, a two-year-old girl was run down by a truck in the Chinese city of Foshan. The girl, Yue Yue, lay in the road for seven minutes, and was run over again, while people walked and cycled past her until finally a woman moved her to the side of the road. She later died of her injuries in hospital. The ensuing global outrage focused on changes in China's social patterns. The possibility of being liable for the girl's medical bills might have been a contributing factor in people's reluctance to help. Guangdong province discussed introducing a law to make it illegal to ignore someone in distress. But it's not about being Chinese. In 2009,twenty people witnessed the rape and murder of a fifteen-year-old girl in Richmond, California. No one called for help, or intervened. Some people even filmed it on their phones. Some bystanders later said that they thought this was a joke, people messing about. But no one checked; no one asked if she needed help. - From The 15-minute psychologist by Anne Rooney

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The right thing

Roy Bleake: What was it you told me? People think it's hard to do the right thing.

Harry Fertig: It's not hard to do the right thing.

Roy Bleake: It's hard to know what the right thing is - but once you know...

Harry Fertig: Once you know... Once you know what is right, then it's hard not to do it.

Harry Fertig: Once you know... once you know what is right, then it's hard not to do it.

- from the movie The Confession

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Show friend

Have you ever been with someone who always asks you to join them for dinner, snacks, buy something from the corner store but then when you are with them what they would do is constantly text on their phone or worse scroll through their social media accounts?

What is with this kind of person? Are they just afraid to be seen alone that they need the company just for show? 

Friday, October 13, 2017


I am an uber rider and since I have another phone I decided to create a new account and after my 5th trip today, just saw my average rating. Which is 3.4 out of a possible 5. Now I got down on why drivers gave me such a low rating. I don't remember being rude, maybe because I used promo codes and that at one point my fare was less than 100 pesos? I hope they can also show how you were rated after each ride so that at least you can get a hint why the driver gave you such a low rating.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Senior workforce

I am currwntly waiting in line a couirer service center. The 2 man on the counter processing the customer orders are 2 elderly men. I am guessing they are in their early 50s if not very late 40s. They are both slowly typing the customer details in their computers. And yes, using 1 finger at a time.
Although I do not agree on setting age limit on job openings, I believe we should also carefully select the employees on how they can be efficient with their jobs.

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Before, I have strongly believed in " the truth shall come out", to the point that even when all people against me over a lie I just keep quiet and let then "feast" over me.But things change, because now I more often than not would like to correct right away if someone heard a lie about me or have a misconception about me.I don't know what it is about me that I somehow seem to uncover the lie or deception that people try to conceal.I have a colleague, her previous supervisor has high praises for her, saying that she is always willing to take on new responsibilities, do not complain and always willing to adjust her shifts when needed.But when she joined in my team, she seemed so lazy. Wouldn't take initiative, and when assigned with a task she would always giggle which I initially taught was cute but now that she's more than 6 months in the team it isn't cute anymore. She always has a reason why she cannot go on an eary shift which is always her kids. Being a mom myself, I don't want to take it against her, but considering that she has a mother in law who she lives with and a husband who does not have an office job ( only goes to work when called) I was expecting more flexibility from her aside from the fact that when she was in her previous team her boss was so proud that she is very flexible in terms of schedule changes.I am not a confrontational person and somehow I still believe in the truth will eventualy come out. But one time that she began posting in Facebook about quotes on being a leader or leadership, I felt obliged to talk to her in private.I told her straight away that I was disappointed because she had so much praises from her previous team which is contrary to what she is showing in her current team. She just nods, smiles and occasionally says "OK". She made me think if I was a very bad colleague or team lead or that I was so lenient with her ( due to her high appraisals) that she saw me as a doormat that she can manipulate. Or that she has always been living a lie and deceiving her previous supervisor in order to be given a high appraisal and moved to our team.

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In 2011, a two-year-old girl was run down by a truck in the Chinese city of Foshan. The girl, Yue Yue, lay in the road for seven minutes, an...