I am an uber rider and since I have another phone I decided to create a new account and after my 5th trip today, just saw my average rating. Which is 3.4 out of a possible 5. Now I got down on why drivers gave me such a low rating. I don't remember being rude, maybe because I used promo codes and that at one point my fare was less than 100 pesos? I hope they can also show how you were rated after each ride so that at least you can get a hint why the driver gave you such a low rating.
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Senior workforce

I am currwntly waiting in line a couirer service center. The 2 man on the counter processing the customer orders are 2 elderly men. I am guessing they are in their early 50s if not very late 40s. They are both slowly typing the customer details in their computers. And yes, using 1 finger at a time.
Although I do not agree on setting age limit on job openings, I believe we should also carefully select the employees on how they can be efficient with their jobs.
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Before, I have strongly believed in " the truth shall come out", to the point that even when all people against me over a lie I just keep quiet and let then "feast" over me.But things change, because now I more often than not would like to correct right away if someone heard a lie about me or have a misconception about me.I don't know what it is about me that I somehow seem to uncover the lie or deception that people try to conceal.I have a colleague, her previous supervisor has high praises for her, saying that she is always willing to take on new responsibilities, do not complain and always willing to adjust her shifts when needed.But when she joined in my team, she seemed so lazy. Wouldn't take initiative, and when assigned with a task she would always giggle which I initially taught was cute but now that she's more than 6 months in the team it isn't cute anymore. She always has a reason why she cannot go on an eary shift which is always her kids…

What's in a position name?

I hold a position/title of team lead in my current job. My team doesn't have an immediate manager so I sort of act as our manager and report to the Operations Manager. The team is actually subtly subdivided into 2 groups, the 1st group is the operations team who is based here in Manila and the other (the projects/implementation team) in the home country of our company. Recently, it was announced that the team member who is part of the projects team and who has been in the company for 3 years ( I am in the xompany for a year) and in the home location for 1.5 years got promoted to Technical Manager. That means, I will now be reporting to him. For me it was not weird or awkward. But other people in the company based in Manila seem to think otherwise.
They would ask me questions which team or team members are now under the Technical Manager. Is he the same level as the Operations Manager? Don't I think that it was a leap of a promotion?
Aside from that, people ( and yes including…


I just saw an "FB war" between 2 bloggers that I follow with one accusing the supposedly more famous one as being bully.

I just remember an incident that happened the other day. There was a "tradition" in my office that you have to treat your officemates on your birthday or at least on your birthmonth. Since the number of people has grown from less than 50 to almost 100, it then become a "by invitation". When I was new in the office, I was "bullied" into this, I did not complain since they say everyone (at least in the group)does it. I did not mind at first but when I saw how some in the group don't mind ordering a lot of food, I became pissed.
In the next dinner treats that followed I would decline the invite, and then 3 celebration dinners before my birthmonth, I was no longer invited each time. And they were doing the "invitation" discreetly. I shrugged it off thinking that they probably think she won't join anyway, why bot…

Husband and father

Should a man stop being a husband when he becomes a father?
I understand that when a man becomes a father he changes his priorities from taking care of the wife to taking care of the kids. But does this mean that the wife should no longer be taken care of? That she should only be seen as someone who should also take care of the children, who helps provide for the children.
I am all about gender equality that a woman should not always play as the damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor. But a woman who took care of a kid for 9 months inside her own body, who risked her life giving birth should at least be "given a little something" for her effort.
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She's strong but she's exhausted

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